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Dream of consciousness           Version française

This project is a photographic correspondence with five prisoners incarcerated in Pennsylvania. They accepted to share their perceptive on what liberation means. Which situation, image or feelings express their idea of liberation? What photograph would they do from outside the prison? Which photographs would they like to receive? The nine photographs are the result of this correspondence. Prints were send to the prisoners before mail was banned from PA prisons in September 2018.

This project supports the art fundraiser organized by Let´s get free, a women and trans prisoner defense committee based in Pittsburgh, PA. Every year, Let´s get free organize a collaborative art show in effort to raise funds for their basic needs. I sent some of the prints for the 2018 art auction/show. The title, Dream of consciousness, is Michale's idea.

Thank you Etta Cetera from Let´s get free. Thank you Brittany, Michale, Sarita, Tameka, Vernon for your generosity and trust.

April 2019, Newark, DE.

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