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The correspondence.

What would I photograph? People I love people!! Philadelphia is where I was born and raised, it'a a gigantic melting pot of cultures and races. Chinatown is one of my favorite places in the city. I would often jog in the park with my German Shepard and meet people from everywhere. I love the diversity of Philly. It is moment like that when I think of home that is priceless to me.

I see liberation in love. Loving interactions are the most free things I've ever seen or encountered. Love can actually transcend any obstacle (don't misconstrue that with changing horrible circumstances, love can stand DESPITE those circumstances and many times is the only thing that gets someone through circumstances).

Image of Liberation: Butterflies are beautiful and free. One of God's many splendid creations. You will not find butterflies this time of year. I would love pictures of butterflies from the museum.

I really cannot capture one thing that I would want to photograph aside for people eyes. I watch people through the feelings of their eyes because it tells such a beautiful story. They are a mirror that reflects our souls. I see so many sad eyes behind these gates that it kind of scares me. I guess my obsession with eyes is because they make you feel so many different emotions.

I would take pictures of a busy street with people going about their daily lives, the intersection where people are stopped at the red light while the hustle and bustle of pedestrians cross to and fro. I would picture street signs, the advertisements on buses, those sitting waiting for the bus or those hailing a taxi. Me being one of those who are out there going about my daily life with a purpose ya know?

The images that define liberation to me are landscapes that are not defiled by man-made devices. A lush meadow, a field of flowers, natural landscapes. I'm talking about places where nature is allowed to flourish in peacefulness and tranquility; where there is still a respect for the environment.

What I miss the most is the Beauty of life, places like churches, building architecture, public and private spaces that inspire the soul when body and mind fail. I'm looking to capture a range of feeling, from isolation and loss to just a teasing of hopefulness. L'essentiel est l'imagination. The essential is the imagination. A specific place - ça n'a pas d'importance! - It doestn't really matter!

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