La Brèche, Issue n°1, Bruxelles, Belgium. 2019

Publication of texts and photographs from the project Letters & Liberation at the invitation of the Belgian journal La Brèche on their issue on Gender and sexuality in Prison.

With the support of Let’s get free, a women and trans prisoner defense committee based in Pittsburgh, PA., Juliette developed a photographic correspondence with five people incarcerated in Pennsylvania. They accepted to share their perspective on what liberation means. Which situation, image or feelings express their idea of liberation? What photograph would they create from outside the prison? Which photographs would they like to receive? Photographs were send to each participant before mail was banned from PA prisons in September 2018. 

Find the review online in French here.

Launch of the review
May 17th 2019
Colectivo Garcia Lorca,
Bruxelles, Belgique.

Le C.R.I., Issue n°1, Paris, France. 2019

Publication of photographs from the series Geography is but a secondary attribute at the invitation of the architecture review, Le C.R.I.

Launch of the review
December 13th 2019
Librairie Volume.
Paris, France.

Modes pratiques, Issue n°3, Paris, France. 2019

Series of photographs on Black Friday in Delaware and rural Pennsylvania. This work was commissioned and published by the French review  Modes pratiques issue n°3, Saisons.

Launch of the review
January 25th 2019
Ecole Duperré
Paris, France.

New photography, exhibition catalogue, Easton, Maryland. 2018

Publication of a selection from the series The Castle in the catalogue of the 2018 New Photography exhibition at the Academy of Art Museum of Easton, MD. 

Academy Art Museum
Easton, Maryland.

Modes pratiques, Issue n°2, Paris, France. 2017

Series of photographs on clothing in the Amish community of Lancaster in Pennsylvania. It was commissioned and published in french by Modes pratiques Issue n°2 in January 2017.
The series was later published in a special issue translated in English, Out of the fitting room in January 2018.

Launch of the review
January 19th 2017
Carreau du temple
Paris, France.

Geography is but a secondary attribute, Paris, France. 2015

Edition of a book for the series Geography is but a secondary attribute as a part of my diploma project for the MFA degree at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.
Bilingual edition French/English.
21 color photographs.
49 pages. 11 x 7 in. edition of 5.