Raw, 2021 (selection)

The seriesĀ Raw brings together 28 years of photographs. I started at age six, frowning behind the camera but smiling excessively at it. Photography was a trigger. There was something off and I did not know what it was. These photographs made over the years are a search for memory. Portraits of relatives as well as, skin surgeries similar to the ones I went through as a child are parts of the series. Dream-like landscapes create a bridge between the state of sleep and being awake. The series builds a narrative where fact and fiction coexist, in a quest for myself. Alongside the photographs I made, the series gathers portraits of myself through the years taken by family and friends. There is one photo, from the hospital archive, of myself before my first surgery. A sleeping portrait during the general anesthesia he took gazing at my body from above, a visual cue of a power dynamic. Thirty years later on December 17, the traumatic memory came back intact, a story frozen in my cells. Each photograph made over the years has finally found its meaning.